Orders For Pickup


Sell your food and grocery products online & create a new revenue stream!

Offer your customers absolute convenience by allowing them to order and pay for your menu items online. You fulfill the order, your customers pick-up their food... and we do all the rest. Free to register. Fully integrates with QuickBooks to automatically convert your online orders into Quickbook invoices, and automatically upload into your QuickBooks online business account.

Free registration and Simple set up. Start selling today!

OrderForPickup embeds your menu directly on your business's website with no technical expertise required on your part. You create your free account. Upload your products and setup your menus or we can do it for you free of charge, offering your customers the option to order and pay online. It is that simple. You don't need to modify your website. You don't need a computer on site to receive orders - receive them via email on your Smartphone or tablet.

Integrates with QuickBooks Online

In one click, automatically convert your online orders into QuickBooks invoices, and automatically upload into your business QuickBooks Online account.

Full eCommerce for your business

We handle and process the payment. We team with the largest and most secure online merchants and gateways in the country to offer you the lowest transaction fees available. We provide full eCommerce, allowing your customers to not only order online, but also submit payment with a credit card online.

Lowest transaction fees available. We get paid only when you receive an order.

Our service costs a flat percentage fee per online order, which includes processer fees. 5% for Visa and MasterCard payments and 6% for American Express. Your business will receive payment for your online orders on a monthly basis, minus our transaction fees.

Own your customer information

OrderForPickup allows you to maintain and download all of your customer information at any time, helping you to continue to build relationships with them. Let them know about happy hour deals, daily specials or a seasonal menu change.

Multiple menus and Unlimited products

Sell a select list of products or put your whole inventory for online ordering. OrderForPickup is configured for 500 products which covers most businesses online offering, but if you want to offer more products, just contact us and we will update your account to sell all your products.

Free up the phone. Let your staff provide exceptional service.

Allow your staff to give their full attention to your dine-in customers, while our technology fully accommodates your takeout customers. All of your patrons feel like your #1 priority.

Save on mistakes

Service your customers efficiently by fulfilling orders more accurately and as documented. Avoid errors on orders made over the telephone…. "I said Turkey, not Tuna!"

Manage your order fulfillment and dispatch

Set the number of orders that may be scheduled per hour, based on your capacity to fulfill them at that time -- whether it's a busy a holiday or you just received an unexpected large catering order. Modify your dispatch schedule at any time.

Generate customized order and product reports

Select date ranges (week, month, year, specific holiday) to produce reports of your past online sales and orders. Use the information for preparation and forecasting.

Technology is our focus

Our team has experience working with online ordering for the food and grocery industry for more than 10 years. We focus on staying current with the latest technology to ensure that you have the best online functionality. We want you to provide superior service to your customers and grow your business.

Exceptional support

Our team is committed to providing you with training, ongoing support and expert advice. From the very beginning, through implementation and beyond, we are here to offer the most advantageous solutions to meet your need.


Are your needs somewhere in the middle? We can set up a system with just the features you need. Let's Talk.