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AvPeace, Inc. is an Agent office of First Data merchant services (credit card processing services).

Secure, Reliable,and Easy-to-Use Credit Card Processing

Accept credit and debit card payments directly on a computer, tablet, Smartphone, or wireless terminal. Keep more of what you earn with the lowest credit card processing rates in the industry, while you save up to 50% in processing fees.

  • PCI Compliance
  • Analytics Dashboard & Tools
  • Free 24/7 Technical Support
  • Next Day Funding Available
  • Dedicated Account Manager

AvPeace is Serving Diverse Industries for Over A Decade


From POS systems, wireless terminals, contactless terminals, gift cards, to loyalty cards, we have the perfect solution for your unique business.


From fine dining to fast food, and from POS systems, wireless terminals, contactless terminals, gift cards, to loyalty cards,our restaurant solution will fit any restaurant environment.


Online Merchant accounts, Payment Gateways, and SSL security certificates: AvPeace will help you setup your eCommerce so you can accept credit cards online.

AvPeace offers the First Data Clover® solutions at our Agent office low rates for your business benefits.

Choosing the right hardware or point-of-sale (POS) system is essential for business growth. From restaurants to retail shops to eCommerce, First Data offers a comprehensive equipment line of small business credit card solutions to help you accept payments anytime, anywhere.

In order to accept eCommerce payment online you will need;

  • Online Merchant account
  • An online merchant account (which cannot be combined with an offline merchant account) lets your business accept multiple forms of payment, including credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments. In simple terms, it is your online bank that process your transaction online.

  • Payment Gateway account
  • A credit card Payment Gateway is a crucial component to e-commerce. It allows your customers to submit payment information via the web and allows you to accept credit card payments online. In simple terms, the Payment Gateway is like the swipe machine at the store – it accepts credit card information and requests approval for the purchase from the issuing card.

  • SSL
  • An SSL is a digital certificate that ensures the security of the transaction. The transaction details are encrypted and transferred through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). AvPeace provides clients our own SSL security certificate Free of charge!

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